Manifesto of the Government

Download: Manifesto of the Government of the Slovak Republic 2016 - 2020

In the parliamentary elections to the National Council of the Slovak Republic, held on 5 March 2016, citizens expressed their support for a programme of social and political stability, social dialogue, structural reforms and systemic changes in the relevant areas of society.Based on the mandate given by citizens, a coalition government has been formed and appointed in compliance with the constitutional procedures of the Slovak Republic.

The Government of the Slovak Republic will place its activities in a framework which ensures the stable development of Slovak society and provides sufficient flexibility for reaction to the opportunities and threats of the external environment in order to secure the economic, social and environmental development of Slovakia, foster social cohesion, reduce regional disparities, strengthen the active role played by the state in combating corruption and enhancing the quality of public services for citizens.

Pursuant to Article 113 of the Constitution of the Slovak Republic, the Government of the Slovak Republic (“Government”) presents itself to the National Council of the Slovak Republic and, along with the request for a vote of confidence, submits this Manifesto.

 The Manifesto is structured along the following areas of the Government’s executive activities, which are hereby submitted to the National Council of the Slovak Republic as a basis for vote of confidence:
1.      Strengthening social and political stability;
2.      Reacting flexibly to the opportunities and threats of the external environment;
3.     Supporting, on a continuous basis, the economic, social and environmental development of the country;
4.      Fostering the economic, social and territorial cohesion of Slovakia;
5.      Strengthening the role of the state and the protection of public interest.


The purpose of the Government’s coherent, goal-driven and comprehensive actions and endeavours is to bring a new quality and additional security into the life of Slovak citizens.This will be achieved by the harmonisation of effects of individual policies implemented under the statutory remit of individual ministries and other central government bodies.However, there are policies, also in this Manifesto, which produce benefits for the citizen only through the interplay of various factors, such as time, funding allocation and the partial policies implemented by individual ministries, and which require full participation, engagement and motivation of local governments, businesses and civil associations.The role of the Government is to synchronise and harmonise such partial policies.This process requires synergies which ultimately produce a comprehensive policy of progress for all.These policies cut across different sectors and are implemented at different points in time.Only their consonance and synchronisation with the objectives pursued and steps taken in individual stages of their implementation will eliminate the existing bottlenecks in the development of society in Slovakia.The Government considers the following policies included in this Manifesto to be of a cross-cutting nature:

·         Policy of support for the creation of jobs
·         Policy for the elimination of regional disparities
·         Policy of fight against corruption
·         Policy of effective public administration

The high unemployment, in particular long-term unemployment, has been a problem in Slovakia for quite some time.Practical experiences show that such a serious problem cannot be tackled by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs alone.It is a cross-cutting issue which requires concentrated effort, united front and an individualised approach towards addressing various causes behind the long-term unemployment.This is not about achieving short-term results, but rather about implementing a set of mutually intertwined systemic steps, starting from family life and education, through social policy, to sustainable programmes of incentives with long-term positive effects.Therefore, the policy of support to jobs will be a cross-cutting policy of the Government as a whole.

The economic and social disparities between the regions of Slovakia have been widening for almost 25 years.The purpose of the cross-cutting policy for the elimination of regional disparities is to reverse this trend by making a better use of the existing internal potential of the regions, fostering their competitiveness and economic performance, and ensuring better quality of life for the inhabitants of the laggard regions.The increase in economic growth and employment, and thereby in the quality of life in the regions, will be based on intensified cooperation of all stakeholders at the level of central government, regional and local self-governments, and social partners.The Government, as a whole, will rigorously apply Act 336/2015 on Support to the Least-developed Districts, which contains provisions supporting local initiatives, stimulates joint course of action by towns and municipalities in a district, and combines them with measures taken at the regional and central government levels.

Corruption represents a serious societal and economic problem which influences both the quality of life and the quality of economic development in Slovakia.The narrowing of margins for corrupt behaviour across all areas of public administration will require the adoption of additional legislative measures and their consistent practical application.The cross-cutting policy of fight against corruption will primarily require coordination of the legislative, executive and judicial branches of power in their application of the principle of zero tolerance vis-à-vis corrupt practices and the ability of all public officials to act as role-models in this effort for all citizens of the Slovak Republic.Important for the Government’s anti-corruption drive is the inclusion into the Manifesto of the “Rule of Law” initiative, adoption of an effective law on offshore and letterbox companies applicable to all public funds, and introduction of an anti-corruption clause for all bills submitted for legislative deliberations.The plan will be implemented at all levels of society, not only in public life.This is connected with the need to ensure full compliance with law in society and make law enforceability truly effective.The increased level of the coordination function performed by the Government is there to ensure that fight against corruption is sufficiently vigorous and consistent.

The policy of effective public administration is also of a cross-cutting nature.It is a basis for the development of a well-functioning state which creates conditions for good life and security for all citizens of the Slovak Republic.We understand that this is not a one-off exercise.An effective public administration must be a part of the public-life culture and a permanent feature of society which enables its harmonious development.The state and public administration must always place the citizen first; the term citizen also includes businessmen and public servants who are highly qualified and effective in delivering public service.This is the only way to achieve continuous improvement in the quality of public services delivered in various life situations. This can also be achieved through the introduction of user-friendly digital interfaces between citizens and public administration and through efficient deployment of modern technologies for the delivery of high-quality services to citizens.This multi-faceted tasks with recurring processes will create ample conditions for permanent improvement in the quality of public life in the Slovak Republic. The implementation of this new approach is one of the goals of the Government.

These four cross-cutting policies clearly show that the Government intends to meet the objectives set out in this Manifesto in a holistic manner, as opposed to just ticking the ‘done’ boxes for the tasks assigned to individual ministries and other central-government agencies.The Government has the wit, ability and determination to bring the quality of life of our citizens to a new level.Rather than a mere line-up of individuals, this Government wants to be a strong and compact team which is ready to deliver creative and stable solutions and provide efficient governance for all citizens of the Slovak Republic.